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Although there are two parts in this title, really they are one and the same.  It’s just that the first one " SUPPORT " means giving us some moral support in running this website.  To do that, please write in to us at and tell us that we’re doing things right (if we are) and that you enjoyed what you read; that it was useful, instructive, helpful, or whatever.  Please tell us, too, where you think things could be improved, what else you would like to see on this Website, and so on.

The second part is the same as the first part but it is more practical.  Creating and running a website does cost money.  It would be most appreciated if you could translate your  SUPPORT  into  DONATE  and kindly help to sponsor this Website and the behind-the-scenes expenses, too.  Good, professional-class translations cost money; good, professional web design and maintenance cost money; there are incidental expenses incurred in bringing these Torah Sheets to as wide an audience and large a readership as possible.  We would like it to expand, both in the amount of material that is disseminated and the numbers of people that it reaches.

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