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This is the page where you will find the various questions which have been raised by any of our readers concerning anything written in the Sheets (whether it is the Sidra Sheets, the Haftorah Sheets or the Dinnim Sheets, or any of the related Stories or articles) with their answers.

They are generally listed here (and numbered) in their order of receipt, that is, the more recent questions are listed last.

If you have a question about anything that you have read in any of the Sheets (even if they are only remotely connected) please feel free to ask it and share it with our readers. Please feel free, too, to send in your own answers to any questions raised and posted here if you think that you can shed another light on a difficulty or answer a question differently.

To ask a question or to give an answer, please send an email to: . Please state clearly which Sheet (or which number question) you are referring to.

Received communications are posted on the Website at the Editor's discretion and may be edited or changed. Due acknowledgement will gladly be given to items accepted for the Website. If requested, anonymity and confidences will be respected.

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