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You will find here a series of Torah Shiurim (lectures) in English and in Russian translation.

Much of the Torah Shiurim appearing here was taught in the classes in the Yeshiva of Kishinev School and the translations - some of them by the students themselves - were to help the students of the Yeshiva.

These lessons are now made available here to a wider readership. The largest series of lectures are on the Sidra of the Week.  Click on the name of any "Sidra of the Week" in English or in its Russian translation and the written lecture will appear.

Some Sidras of the Week and Dinnim Sheets have a story appended to them. Go to  STORIES  (from the  HOME  page) and find the story belonging to the Sheet you are reading. A click on the name of that story will instantly bring it to you.

It is planned to bring you also the weekly Haftorah - there are a number of Haftorahs included here already - and as each becomes available, it is hoped to add it to this collection.

You will find here also Dinnim Sheets, that is, digests of Jewish law pertaining to Festivals and special days in the Jewish calendar. Various other items of interest and further Dinnim Sheets and articles are planned, too, please G-d.

Read and enjoy — and participate!

Comments or suggestions?

Contact the past Headmaster, O Y Baddiel, on Your questions, comments and suggestions, in Russian if you wish, will be appreciated.

Even though I personally can reply only in English, your questions (together with the answers) will be translated and your input will be made available for all to read and so generate some interesting and useful discussion.

This website is updated periodically, so — watch this space!

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